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A Bit About Me

Having started my career in fitness as a Personal Trainer in 2002, I soon realised that in order to teach clients effectively they needed to understand good alignment, posture and correct movement patterns to reach their full potential.  This led me to the doors of the London based Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) to start my qualification and career in the Pilates Method

Contemporary Dance - Trinity Laban Centre 1981

Personal Trainer L3 -  Premier Training 2002

Pilates Teacher L3 - BCPA 2004

Reformer  Beginner to Advanced - BCPA 2007

Diet & Nutrition L3 - Stonegate College 2008

Back4Good Practitioner L4 - BCPA 2011

Understanding Mental Health TQUK  L3 - 2021

Sports Massage - London School of Sports Massage 2015

The Classical Syllabus  (44 hours)
Mejo Wiggin  (world renowned Pilates Teacher Trainer) 2016

Pilates for the Older Person                    BCPA

Pilates & Osteoporosis                              BCPA 

Pilates & Pregnancy                                   BCPA

Palermo Pilates Symposium, Sicily    2019 weekend

Regular teacher's only classes with Global Master Classical Pilates Teachers

Backcare Professional Associate 

Candice Sullivan
Outside of my studio I enjoy walking  and trying to improve my agility skills with one of my dogs.   The gym, pool and my own Pilates practice all help to keep me fit and motivated.  
Weekends are family time, when my husband and I love spending valuable time with our two gorgeous grand-daughters.



Thank you Candice, for all my wonderful reformer classes at your superb five-star studio.   As client's go I suppose I was a tall order, given my horrible medical history!  Cancer and neurosurgery are not exactly positive material for a fitness expert like yourself.  We have however got along famously, and my fitness and wellbeing improve day by day.  This year after all, has been the first year in seventeen years I have not had a hospital appointment!
Although in recent months, Covid has tried to throw us off track, it will not, and with your professional care and strong teaching commitment, we will continue.
I look forward to many more Pilates lessons with you in Ripley.


As an active 67 year old who loves playing tennis, gardening and doing lots of fun things with my grandchildren, I have had various minor injuries and 'niggles' over the years and have tried many treatments and exercise regimes but nothing has consistently kept my body feeling at it's best.  Since doing weekly private sessions with Candice that has changed and my core strength and alignment have improved considerably.   If I begin to have an issue, Candice is happy to focus on that particular area during the session and stop it becoming more serious.  
I really enjoy the hour and come away feeling as though I've worked hard but invigorated and ready for the week ahead.


I have been doing reformer Pilates with Candice for the past 3 years. I had attended Pilates classes before but was surprised at the difference it made to my ability to be able to perform the exercises using the vast equipment in the studio. Having had surgery and some falls I am very happy with my progress and have no plans to stop as I have confidence in Candice making me even fitter and healthier.


Thank you Candice, for giving me full movement in my shoulder following an operation.     I am now so much more mobile since my private sessions with you and my posture has definitely improved.


I had the enormous pleasure of being hosted by Candice, and her colleagues, twice at a Pilates retreat in Italy in 2016 and 2017 which was superb in every way. 
Candice always provides brilliant classes to people with a wide range of experience and skills from total beginners (like me!) to highly trained students of Pilates, both male and female.
Throughout the first lockdown and every week since, I have been having 1:1 online classes with Candice on Zoom which are also incredibly good! 


Pilates has been very important for me over the past 10 years, and Candice has been beyond an excellent teacher; she is supportive, understanding and reliable.  Her knowledge in Pilates is vast, and she always checks the best way for me to do each movement safely. Her studio is not just welcoming, but has the greatest equipment. 
Candice's online matwork classes are the highlight of my week, as this year they have made my body recover not only physically but also mentally stronger.  I have experienced huge progress with doing certain Pilates moves again after many years of serious back issues and recent brain surgery.  I really can not thank her enough!
Her classes also pay attention to the importance of breathing, listening to your body, doing the right level and also having a good laugh.  She really is my superstar and I recommend her very highly.

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