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Based in the quaint Surrey village of Ripley,  this light and airy studio space is well equipped with Gratz reformers, towers, wunda chairs, baby chair, spine corrector and all small props.  Your teacher,  Candice,  follows  the 'classical' Pilates Method and has been teaching group and private Pilates since 2004.
The equipment is  cleaned throughly before and after use.


Using the authentic equipment, invented by Joseph Pilates,  you will be amazed at how quickly these exercises will take effect.  The feedback and support from the equipment helps you to feel more connected in your body in a way that no other exercise method can.   Here are a few of the benefits:
- Improved core and posture.  The exercises performed target the core whilst working the peripheral postural muscles.
- Low impact but high intensity.     The machines are ideal for anyone recovering from an injury, the springs and ropes are specifically designed to enable you to work in a horizontal place rather than weight bearing, reducing the load through your body.
- Improved mental health.  A Pilates programme can be designed specifically with improving stress level and mental health in mind.
- Improved breathing.  Use the steadiness of the breath to find mindfulness in      movement.
- Builds strength and tones muscles.   The use of the machine's springs and levers creates resistance and allows for equal focus on the concentric and eccentric contractions to create long, lean, toned muscles.
- Improved stability.  Pilates exercises allows for elongation and alignment of the spine, which in turn improves all aspects of stability.
- Corrects posture.  By strengthening the core muscles you will gain improved posture which more efficient movement and less chance of injury.
- Reduced risk of injury.  Pilates can draw attention to where you are least flexible and allow you to improve these areas giving better balance to movement.


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